Acrylic Pricing Strip for Display Bowl

Acrylic Pricing Strip for Display Bowl


Acrylic Pricing Strip for Display Bowl


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• 20%+ uplift in sales

• Display Bowl accessory

• Accepts paper signs

• Easy to change

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The Acrylic Pricing Strip is to be used with the Display Bowl to advertise price. This 7 inch by 5.75 inch sign accepts paper and can be easily changed.
The Display Bowl is ideally located in the customer queue which is the most effective impulse buying location in any retail environment. Items merchandised in the queue typically see a 20%+ uplift in sales because customers are idle while waiting on line allowing them time to browse. Customers don’t have this time once they reach the check out. This is a simple and low cost method of turning queue stanchions into effective merchandising fixtures. The Display Bowl is designed for small items ideal for impulse buying at check out. This product is made of high clarity scratch resistant polycarbonate and fits most major brands of stanchions. Easy fit/removal with no tools required. Accessories available.

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