Snap Frame Sign Stand 11.75IN x 16.5IN

Snap Frame Sign Stand 11.75IN x 16.5IN

Snap Frame Sign Stand 11.75IN x 16.5IN


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• Available in a satin stainless finish with a standard base
• Vertical or horizontal orientation

• Supplied with 2 ¼” thick clear acrylic sheets

• Cast iron base

• Full circumference floor protector

• Easy assembly no tools required

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Product Overview

The snap frame sign stand is available in 2 sizes and is one of the most versatile sign displays available. The adjustable height post and rotating frame makes this unit like buying several sign stands in one! The telescoping post has a 14 inch range of adjustment with the highest setting being 45 inches at the center of the sign. The height is adjusted by the push of a button and by pulling the post up. The frames orientation can change from fully vertical to horizontal or any angle in between by a simple twist. The snap open frame provides easy sign changes and the aluminum construction with clear PVC poster protector allows for outdoor use.

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Product Specifications

Max Height Weight Base Diameter
45″ 6 lbs 14.5″

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