Paper Sign Holder for Rope Stanchion

Paper Sign Holder for Rope Stanchion


Paper Sign Holder for Rope Stanchion


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• For rope stanchions

• Takes standard 8.5”x11” copier paper

• 11” x 14” size available for large signs

• Print your own sign

• Can be changed at any time

• Easy fit

• Studs available for other stanchion brands

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Product Overview

Our Paper Sign Holder for Rope Stanchion takes standard 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper so you can print your own sign and change it as often as you like (11 inch by 14 inch is also available). To fit simply pull the 2 sides of the acrylic sheet apart and slide the sign in. Rope stanchions must be tapped to in order to take signage. Tapping inserts a screw thread into the stanchion top that allows any of our range of sign frames to be attached. Tapping is only available in crown or flat stanchion top styles ball tops cannot be tapped for signage. Different studs are available for all major brands of stanchions.

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