Longer Belt Length with Maximum Access Control

WallMaster 400 Twin

Longer Belt Length with Maximum Access Control

Longer Belt Length with Maximum Access Control

Today we are pleased to highlight the WallMaster Twin 400, a unique wall mounted retractable barrier featuring a longer belt and twin belt configuration. With two belt length options of 13 or 15 feet, it’s the ideal solution for medium span applications such as closing warehouse isles. When you require an effective and robust wall mounted barrier to restrict access to closed areas, the WallMaster Twin 400 is the answer.

Offering Twin Belts

The WallMaster Twin 400s second belt not only offers increased effectiveness as a barrier by restricting people from ducking under the belt, it also gives additional visibility. As well as creating a larger surface area to improve visibility the second belt also allows the use of more than one color or safety message increasing the options available to warn and guide pedestrians of safety hazards.

Ideal for Medium-Span Applications

The WallMaster Twin 400 is a versatile solution suitable for various applications, but it truly shines in short to medium span scenarios. Featuring belts that extend to a maximum of either 13 or 15 feet, it’s the perfect choice for providing access control to larger corridors, doorways, parking spots, and more. The added belt length ensures that your twin belted wall mount is a solid choice for any small to medium span solutions.

Color Choices and Safety Features

Much like our other products, customization is a key aspect of the WallMaster Twin 400. This wall mount is available in two stock finishes, classic black and attention-grabbing yellow, catering to different aesthetics and safety requirements.

What sets all our products apart from our competitors is its wide range of belt options, with an extensive range of 50 colors and safety messages. Whether you require belts in bright, easy-to-see colors, noticeable striped patterns, or belts with important safety messages, you have multiple choices in our range. If these choices don’t meet your exact requirements, we also provide a custom printing service. This means we can craft a belt tailored to your needs, ensuring you get the perfect wall mount solution for you.

Belt color options

Multiple Mounting Options: Versatility in Action

The WallMaster Twin range offers a variety of mounting options, ensuring you can select the best setup for your unique situation. These options include:

Fixed Mounting: Ideal for permanent installations where the barrier remains permanently in place.

Magnetic Mounting: Designed for temporary mounting on metal surfaces.

Removable Mounting: Mounting plates are attached to the wall wherever you require a barrier. One WallMaster can then be moved between locations as needed.

Clamp Mounting: Designed for use on columns or pillars.

Conclusion: Endless applications and improved effectiveness with the WallMaster Twin 400

The WallMaster Twin 400 is a highly effective tool for restricting access to closed areas. The twin belt configuration provides an improved barrier and better visibility than single belt units. while its single piece design is easier to install and lower cost than two single belt units. The wide range of mounting options makes the WallMaster Twin a highly flexible barrier system. Finally, the choice of 50 belt colors and safety messages allows you to configure the WallMaster Twin to meet your exact visibility and safety messaging needs.

For more information about the full line of wall mounts, please visit our Wall Mounts category and explore the wide range of options available.


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