Robust Economy Stanchion: QueueMaster 550

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Robust Economy Stanchion: QueueMaster 550

Robust Economy Stanchion: QueueMaster 550

The QueueMaster 550, is our top-selling robust economy stanchion that has taken the world by storm. Renowned for its cost-effective pricing, durable construction and advanced features, the QueueMaster 550 is the go-to choice for businesses and event organizers seeking reliable crowd control solutions. Its sleek design, and reliable long term performance, makes it perfect for a wide range of environments, from airports and retail stores to theaters and public events. Experience the perfect blend of affordability, durability, and global popularity with the QueueMaster 550 – the ultimate stanchion for cost effective crowd management.

Belt Branding

Benefit from the promotional opportunities if your QueueMaster 550 stanchions by customizing the belts either from our selection of stock belt and messages or with custom designs. Our standard options include a variety of pre-printed messages, solid colors, or high visibility stripes, perfect for guiding and informing your audience. For a more personalized touch, take advantage of our in-house printing capabilities to create custom belts tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it’s featuring your company logo, branding elements, or unique messages, our custom belts offer a professional and cohesive look that reinforces your brand identity while managing crowd flow efficiently. Enjoy the flexibility and impact of customized belts, designed to meet your exact needs and preferences.

Custom Printed Belts

Custom Posts For Any Aesthetic

You can blend your QueueMaster 550 stanchions with your décor with one of our five stock post finishes, Black, Satin Stainless, Polished Stainless, Satin Brass, and Polished Brass. Black gives a more professional look whereas the two stainless finishes suit elegant environments. If none of these three options appeals, then we can customize the post in one of our 200+ powder coat colors.

Black QueueMaster 550 robust economy stanchion
Satin Stainless QueueMaster 550 robust economy stanchion
Polished Stainless QueueMaster 550 robust economy stanchion

Functionality at a Feasible Cost

As previously stated, the main appeal of the QueueMaster 550 is its price point. It combines the functionality of a durable, rugged stanchion with a low cost that won’t break your wallet. The QueueMaster 550 is engineered with a concrete filled galvanized steel base which performs the same function as more expensive stanchions cast iron bases. Furthermore, the QueueMaster features a better floor protection system than most high priced stanchions. QueueMaster has a heavy duty rubber ring stretched around the circumference of the base providing protection to the floors no matter what angle the post is dragged or rolled.

QueueMaster Base
QueueMaster Base

Innovative Safety Features

Safety takes center stage with the QueueMaster 550, which features an advanced belt braking feature and a robust belt end lock. The brake system ensures that the belt retracts slowly and smoothly, eliminating the risk of sudden snapbacks that could potentially cause injuries. This thoughtful design allows for the safe uses of the stanchion even in crowded environments. Complementing this feature is the belt end lock, a secure mechanism that keeps the belt firmly attached to the receiving stanchion and prevents accidental release. This locking system not only stops the belt being released unintentionally, it prevents the public from unclipping the belt in order to short cut the queue.

2inch belt cassette image


The QueueMaster 550 stands out as the premier choice for those seeking an economical yet high-quality crowd control solution. Its versatility, enhanced by customizable belts and posts, ensures it can be tailored to fit any environment or branding requirement. The robust construction and innovative safety features make it a reliable option for managing crowds efficiently and securely. Whether you need to maintain order in a busy airport, a bustling retail store, or a packed theater, the QueueMaster 550 delivers unparalleled performance at a price point that offers incredible value. Make our hottest stanchion on the market your best form of crowd control solution that combines affordability, durability, and global appeal, ensuring a seamless and safe experience for both your business and your patrons.

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