Cost Effective Area Control : SafetyMaster Twin 450

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Cost Effective Area Control : SafetyMaster Twin 450

Cost Effective Area Control: SafetyMaster Twin 450

Introducing the SafetyMaster Twin 450, the epitome of cost effective area control. This highly durable safety stanchion is designed to meet the rigorous demands of construction zones and worksites alike. Engineered with precision, the SafetyMaster Twin 450 features twin belts for enhanced perimeter security and visibility. Whether you’re managing a crowded construction site, or streamlining operations in a warehouse, the SafetyMaster Twin 450 is your go-to solution for reliable, long lasting performance. Take advantage of the perfect blend of affordability and durability with the SafetyMaster Twin 450, to improve your site safety and lower costs.

Twin Belt System for Enhanced Security

Crowd Control Company is a leader in innovation and reliability. The SafetyMaster Twin 450 is a testament to just that, boasting a twin belt system to enhance perimeter security. The lower belt improves perimeter security by preventing people from ducking under the belt and stops children from walking under it. The lower belt also acts as a guide for the visually impaired using a cane and makes this stanchion ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Finally, the twin belt design is a more visible barrier than a single belt stanchion and provides double the space for printing safety messages.

Safety Features That Won’t Disappoint

Not only is the stanchion built for safety in mind, but it also comes along with neat safety features that further enhance the safety aspect of the stanchion. The first feature is a slow retracting belt design. This design ensures a controlled retraction of the belt every time, preventing any sudden whips and snaps of the belt when returning to the cassette.

cassette design with authorized access only on it

Affordable Design

Affordability normally comes at a cost, but with the SafetyMaster Twin 450 you don’t have to compromise. The base of the stanchion is a galvanized steel shell with a concrete center. This design keeps costs at a minimum without compromising on the integrity or the durability of the stanchion. Not only that the base also comes with a full circumference rubber floor protector. This protector prevents floors from being scuffed if the stanchion is knocked or dragged. Furthermore, the SafetyMaster is fully weatherproof as the base is galvanized and the steel post is powder coated for long term weather resistance.

Base Design of the SafetyMaster450
Base Design of the safetymaster450

Customize without Compromise

As previously stated, the SafetyMaster Twin 450 is part of our economy range however that doesn’t mean you get fewer customizing options compared to our other stanchions. The SafetyMaster can be ordered with any of our full range of over 50 stock belt colors, stripes and safety messages. Our belt customer printing service is also available on this model. Just let us know what text, image or color you want, and our in-house printing department will take care of it.

OSHA Colored Posts

The SafetyMaster Twin 450 provides clear, highly visible guidance in any setting using its vibrant easy to see OSHA colors of red, yellow and orange. These colors are universal and indicate danger, caution and construction/moving equipment.

Red SafetyMaster Twin 450 driving cost effective area control
Yellow SafetyMaster 450 driving cost effective area control
Orange SafetyMaster 450 driving cost effective area control


In conclusion, the SafetyMaster Twin 450 stands as an ideal solution for cost-effective, highly durable access control. With its innovative twin belt system, robust construction, and compliance with OSHA safety standards, this stanchion is designed to meet the diverse needs of construction zones, worksites, warehouses, and other high-traffic areas. The thoughtful design features, including the slow retracting belt mechanism and ADA compliance, ensure enhanced safety for all users. Coupled with its affordability and customizing options, the SafetyMaster Twin 450 provides unparalleled value without compromising on quality or performance. Invest in the SafetyMaster Twin 450 today and experience the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and safety, all at an unbeatable price.

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